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First Release 2019 – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)



The first oil of the new harvest is, without doubt, one of life’s great gourmet experiences. Available now!

Once a year, for a very limited time, we offer the opportunity to experience our freshest, most vibrant extra virgin olive oil. We pick our finest organic olives of the season while they are still young and green then cold press and bottle immediately.

This rare, super premium unfiltered oil is fresh and grassy with hints of apple and a light peppery finish.

Cockatoo Grove’s First Release Organic extra virgin olive oil is grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or genetically modified organisms. Cockatoo Grove organic is certified through AUS-QUAL.

As well as being organic Cockatoo Grove’s olives are harvested and cold-pressed in under 4 hours from picking, to ensure full flavour and nutritional value, resulting in premium quality 100% Australian extra virgin olive oil rich in vitamins and antioxidants.