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What is Balsamic Vinegar?

True balsamic vinegars are made from selected varieties of grapes which are pressed and cooked down to a thick, dark reduction after which a vinegar ‘mother’ is added. The syrup is then aged in oak barrels. During the aging process, moisture evaporates, further thickening the vinegar and concentrating the flavour. As the vinegar becomes more concentrated, it is moved to smaller barrels of different wood varieties such as cherrywood, chestnut and ash, which adds to the complex flavours of balsamic vinegar. Aging takes at least 12 years and can take up to 100 years! This is why true balsamic vinegars are expensive. You simply cannot buy a bottle of true balsamic vinegar for $8.99. You get what you pay for.


Just like great champagnes and roquefort cheese, which have legal protection over their provenance and quality, true balsamic vinegars are made in either of 2 regions in Italy – Modena or Reggio Emilia.


Our organic Australian extra virgin olive oil is amongst the most flavourful and highest quality in the world. We wanted to complement our oil with the finest organic vinegar available and have chosen ReModena organic balsamic vinegar. It is produced with 100% organic Lambrusco & Trebbiano grapes in the Modena region of Italy under strict PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) standards which characterise true balsamic vinegars.